"Kali Yuga Jive"


Skedaddle teamed up with Story-wizzard Iwan Kushka for this rambunctious rendition of an epic Indian tale in which two boys meet one girl and lose their hearts (and heads) in the process. An experience of rhapsodic scale, humour, and Eastern wisdom, interlaced with an up-beat jazzy musical score.


Love is impossible,

Life a beautiful mistake.

And it don't mean a thing

  -Sweet Durga Durga-

If it ain't got that swing!


'A unique blend of spoken word with a full jazz band, a must see!'


'Juxtaposing the two contrasting worlds of a gruesome traditional story from India and uplifting dance-inducing jazz music should not work.  But it did work! 

A lively, humour filled performance of a great story and wonderful music. The audience was ecstatic.'  

John Roberts.

Artistic director of PuppetCraft.

The story concert can be between 60 and 90 minutes long depending on the preference of the client.  To get more details and enquire about booking this unique show, please email Iwan at: or call him on 07763233047.

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